Fujipoly CF210A

• CF210A is the newest Fujipoly thermal gap filler
• CF210A incorporates carbon fibers along with traditional fillers found in thermal gap filler materials.
• CF210A is rated at 21 W/m•K
• Compliance is closer to a much lower conductivity gap filler (Fujipoly- Sarcon PG25A)
• Lower hardness compared to other gap fillers and especially for gap fillers at 10 W/mK and above
• Low volatiles D2-D20 .0100 wt% or less

• Available in sheets 130mm x 130mm (suggested usable is 120mm x 120mm)
• Thickness range from 1.5mm to 2.5mm in .5mm increments
• Currently working on lower thickness options
• Easily die cut to any shape similar to other gap filler sheet

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