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New Products

With the BTA series able to run at extremely high speeds it works best in applications that require millisecond actuation speeds.
Features and benefits
High Durability with of 100 million actuations
Fast Actuation Speeds with 10 millisecond actuation times unloaded
Low Noise
Optimized for torque and speed performance
Material Handling
High Speed Shutter Control
Valve control
Fail Safe Control

SARCON® PG130A from Fujipoly® is one of the industry’s newest high-performance thermal interface materials that is extremely compressible. This double-sticky surface TIM is a great choice for applications that have delicate or wide-variation component heights and require extremely low material compression. This low modulus thermal gap filler also helps reduce stress on the PCB during assembly.
Thermal conductivity of 13 W/m°K.
Thicknesses from 0.3mm to 2mm
Improves cooling performance by completely filling small and unwanted air gaps
Available in precut dimensions up to 300mm  x 200mm
Can be die-cut to fit almost any application shape. 
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Now also overmolded and with M12 connector available.
The rear of the device is also IP67-compliant thanks to the overmolding of the switch and connector, ensuring that the HMI has complete and reliable protection. The overmolded version also offers very high resistance to vibrations and impact.  Advantages include:
Complete IP67 protection for illuminated pushbuttons
Tritan light guide resistant to cleaning agents
Housing made of SUS 316L stainless steel
High resistance to vibration and impact
M12 connector for fast and resilient mounting
24 VDC illuminated versions available with red, green,white or blue LEDs
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The HR-Series is a perimeter illuminated, IP68 sealed rocker switch, featuring a stylish, low profile actuator that is available in either two or three positions. These rocker switches have a variety of dependent and independent illumination options; momentary and maintained circuits; and up to two customizable laser-etched legends.
The patented design supports the various illumination options and allows the switch to be rated up to 20 amps, eliminating the need for relays. Additionally, these low profile rocker switches fit the industry standard cutout.
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RGBs give customers the flexibility to create a wide array of color & intensity combinations for their application. 

It also eliminates the need to purchase multiple single color LEDs for a project, therefore streamlining BOMs.
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No matter what size nut you need, Seelnuts from APM Hexseal can be relied upon to operate at the same high standards. We offer the Nutzilla in sizes up to M90 with the same superior-quality our customers have come to expect from the rest of our molded product line. Our Seelnuts are made from high quality rubber, molded into a specially shaped cavity in the nut itself.  With the threads molded directly into the rubber, these self-sealing nuts form a positive seal along the threaded section of the nut, as well as with the contact surface. 
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Lighthorse Technologies, Inc. is excited to offer our customers the I-PEX locking connector system for its line of micro coax RF Cable Assemblies. The locking mechanism is a great design aspect that provides a more secure connection and prevents unwanted disconnects. No more adhesive bonding to your circuit board. The locking system affords the application a strong connection to the mating PCB connector. No more risk of adhesives contaminating the signal performance. The simple slide lock keeps the connectors mated under high shock situations. It makes for easy reconnections. Contact your Lighthorse Representative today. 
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New Series 84 IO-Link Touch.  Switch into Industry 4.0 – Configurable. Bright. Capacitive.
The freely configurable, bright and capacitive IO-Link Touch opens up numerous new HMI application possibilities for a wide range of raw industrial applications.
Typical applications
Automated production (smart factories)
Controls and switch cabinets
Food and beverage industry
Packaging equipment
Autonomous robot transport systems
Monitoring stations for industrial conveyor belts
Mobile, medical devices
Transmission systems for telecommunications
Video router systems
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Metric Seeloc Washers: Our standard Seeloc metric washers are made from 18/8 stainless steel and feature a broad temperature range of -103°F (-75°C) to 400°F (204°C), internal and external pressure tolerances up to 100 psig, and a shelf life up to 25 years. They also resist dust, fungus, most acids and oils, splash, salt spray, sunlight, and ozone.
Imperial & Heavy Duty Seeloc Washers: Our Heavy Duty Seeloc® Washers are capable of handling torque values AT LEAST 50% higher than our original Seeloc Washers. Currently available in both 1/2” (14mm) and 1” (25.4mm) O.D. sizes, these new sealing washers are perfect for a myriad of sealing requirements, from medical equipment and chemical handling, to construction equipment and food processing. 
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SARCON® Thermal Gap Filler Pads are highly conformable and high heat conducting gel materials in a versatile sheet form. They easily fit and adhere to most all shapes and sizes of components, including protrusions and recessed areas.
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 Establish high speed connections to hard drives, Ultra HD displays, docking stations, and other USB-C-enabled devices. USB 4 cables have a maximum speed of 40Gbps and up to 100W of Power Delivery (PD). These cables are backwards compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. USB 4 offers up to 8 times faster speeds than USB 3.0 while being fully compatible with Thunderbolt 3.
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Fujipoly® introduces a new line of two-component thermal gap fillers that also exhibit excellent electrical insulative properties.
The SARCON® LG Series is the perfect solution for filling large, complex and uneven gaps between heat generating components that depend on reliable contact with a heat spreader to maintain optimal performance.
SARCON® LG23A and LG30A easily dispense in a liquid form and cure into a flexible gel that is highly thermally conductive while exhibiting extremely low stress on delicate board components.
·     New series: LG23A and LG20A 
·     Thermal conductivity: 2.3 and 3.0 W/m•K 
·     Material Type: 2-part silicone compound
·     Curing: Room temp, up to 100℃
Available: Cartridges, pails and drums 
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Bivar's IP68 Rated Protection Extends Light Pipes
and LEDs to New Rugged Applications
SGLC IP68 rated panel press-fit lens caps
provide highly visible LED Status Indication with easy
front mount installation. Lens cap and black IP rated
Sealing Gasket fit into a .265 in. (6.7mm) round
panel cutout and press securely into position with
lens tab retention. SGLC lens caps are available in a
7.1mm lens diameter with two panel thickness
dimensions: .118 in. (2.56mm) and .250 in. (6.35mm) Learn more »

Johnson Electrics's ECI-048 brushless motor

Johnson Electrics's ECI-048 brushless motor platform is designed with various advanced topologies and it has gone through a series of rigorous application specific tests to ensure uncompromised reliability at compact size. The modular design approach makes the platform customizable for multiple applications such as blower, hedge trimmer, power drill at best price performance. Standard package fits for sensorless control but customization on sensor PCBA is also available. Learn more »

Major League Electronics
New Product:  TSHFL-1
Thru Hole - Terminal Strip Header - Friction Lock - .100 cl
2-32 pins per row
There is a 4-6 week lead time for this part.
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Qualtek has expanded its HDMI product line to include HDMI 2.1 Active Optical Cables.  
These high performance cables are constructed from copper and optical fiber. They feature a built-in optical engine which is ideal for maintaining 8K Ultra HD resolution and ensure a full 48Gpbs bandwidth with zero signal loss over long distances. Learn more »

Orbel's revolutionary new EMI Shielding system, the Groove-Loc! This new shielding system makes getting the right shield for your PCB a breeze.  The fence is a formable, bendable and cutable strip with a dimpling feature that allows for designs that match any rectangular footprint. The companion shield ver, with it's grooved inner edge, locks into the dimples to create a strong lock that will effectively mitigate EMI from passing through it's walls. Learn more »

Fujipoly® recently released Sarcon® GR130A, its newest high-performance, thermal gap filler pad. The highly conformable, gel-like sheets exhibit a thermal resistance as low as 0.02°C•in2/W at 43.5 PSI with a thermal conductivity of 13 W/m°K for performance and reliability. Learn more »

Complete line of hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers ideal for integration into battery chargers, compressors, motor controllers, conveyor belts, printing presses, robotics, sorters, and many other applications. Learn more »

A complete line of full-sized rockers, toggles and pushbutton switches offered with a wide variety of aesthetics, functional options, advanced features, sealing protection, and worldwide reputation for performance and reliability. Learn more »