EAO Multi-Legend Alarm Indicator

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the already comprehensive EAO product portfolio.  EAO offers a highly reliable, customizable and quick to engineer solution that meets the driver’s needs and allows the possibility to add additional functionality, such as a dimmable illumination. With its extremely flexible and modular design, the Multi-Legend Alarm Indicator Panel fulfills a broad range of application needs.  It simplifies fault monitoring and contributes to increased operator safety and equipment care. The panel size and the symbols are customizable. Different illumination colors are available. The flexible number and arrangement of the symbols as well as the ultra-thin mounting depth of less than 8 mm thickness ideally fit to driver desk and control cabinets, in railway and other special vehicle applications where the space envelope for the status indicators is limited.

Advantages of Multi-Legend Alarm Indicator Panel:

  • Customizable panel size and symbols
  • Quick adaption to customer-specific requirements
  • Additional functionality can be added
  • Ultra-thin design (< 8 mm) to fit in driver desk panels
  • Bright even illumination visible in all light conditions

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