• Carling K Series – Micro-Sized Circuit Breaker
    The K-Series is a single-pole hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker featuring rating options of 65 or 80VDC or 250VAC, making it ideal for a variety of applications including Datacom/Telecom and 5G devices. This low-profile circuit breaker can be configured with PCBA, push-on tab, or screw terminals and is available with instantaneous, short, and medium time-delay options. The K-Series is available with current ratings of 1 to 30 amps.  Learn More 
    Qualtek’s Q-Secure NEMA 5-15P power cords with locking C13 connectors are designed to provide a more secure connection between the power cord and the device it is powering. The locking C13 connector has a built-in mechanism that ensures that the connector stays securely in place, reducing the risk of accidental disconnection. These power cords are commonly used in data centers, server rooms, and other environments where there is a high risk of power outages or accidental disconnections. The locking mechanism helps to prevent downtime and ensures that critical systems remain operational. Q-Secure power cords with locking C13 connectors can be a useful addition to any environment where secure and reliable power connections are essential.
  • Johnson Electric Soligence
    Solligence, the Smart Servo Solenoid Actuator, integrates sensing capabilities to create closed-loop controlled motion. It provides motion assurance for critical applications and data output for system performance optimization.  Artificial Intelligence continuously monitors the motion profile and adjusts parameters to maintain the required actuation time. This enables all other components in your system to operate more effectively and confidently.
  • APM Hexseal Sealoc Washers

    Seeloc Washers work in combination with traditional bolts, screws, or studs to create an airtight seal around the fastener. The silicone contact surface features a continuous ridge that creates a 360° sealing barrier around the periphery of the washer face when compressed. The silicone rubber also forms a seal under the head of the associated fastener and makes full vertical contact with the threads/shank, making for a complete, high-pressure seal unlike any other.

  • Littelfuse Commercial Vehicle Products
    Heavy-duty truck, bus and off-road equipment manufacturers rely on Littelfuse to ensure their customers’ vehicles and machines perform under the harshest environments. We offer heavy-duty OEMs a diverse mix of standard and custom engineered solutions for their electromechanical switching, power control and circuit protection applications.
  • Lighthorse Technologies – Antenna

    4G, 5G, Wideband, 600MHz-6GHz, 5 dBi, Dipole Antennas

    Offers Include:
    4G, 5G, LTE, GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, Zigbee, LPWAN, LoRaWAN, RFID, I-PEX, SMA, RP-SMA, Custom Connectors, and More!

    400MHz to 6GHz Capability

  • Qualtek Nema Outlets

    Qualtek, a leading manufacturer of AC receptacles, has expanded its offering of NEMA convenience outlets. The 739W-X2/33, a 15A 250VAC NEMA 6-15R convenience outlet, and the 739W-X2/34, a 20A 250VAC NEMA 6-20R convenience outlet, provide 250VAC options to our product lineup. This outlet has a quick snap-in mounting works with panel thicknesses from 0.8mm to 1.8mm. Both part #s have solder termination for secure connections. The current capacity of these outlets are up to 20A at 250VAC and are rated under the Component Recognition Program of Underwrites Laboratories, File No. E139605.

  • Solico Sealed Bus Bar
    Eliminates every exposed crimp and terminal that could be a potential failure. Maintenance free plug and play design installs in seconds Conductive Copper completely over molded for environmental protection. Protected from corrosion, dust tight and water resistant
  • Sarcon® GR130A by Fujipoly®
    Fujipoly® recently released Sarcon® GR130A, its newest high-performance, thermal gap filler pad. The highly conformable, gel-like sheets exhibit a thermal resistance as low as 0.02°C•in2/W at 43.5 PSI with a thermal conductivity of 13 W/m°K for performance and reliability
  • Bivar Zero Light Bleed Flexible Light Pipe System
    Bivar is excited to announce a new Zero Light Bleed Flexible Light Pipe System. Bivar is the first to offer a flexible light pipe system with innovative Zero Light Bleed adapter technology containing optional built-in surface mount LED: a true all-in-one solution.  
  • EAO Series 82 Anti-Vandal Pushbutton
    EAO, the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), offers its versatile and stylish Series 82 Anti-Vandal Pushbutton with the availability of bi-color illumination.
  • Full-Sized Rockers, Toggles and Pushbutton Switches
    A complete line of full-sized rockers, toggles and pushbutton switches offered with a wide variety of aesthetics, functional options, advanced features, sealing protection, and worldwide reputation for performance and reliability
  • Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breakers
    Complete line of hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers ideal for integration into battery chargers, compressors, motor controllers, conveyor belts, printing presses, robotics, sorters, and many other applications. Carlingtech.com