New Solenoid from Johnson Electric

New Tubular Solenoid for Sale Rep Meeting 2023 Supply chain disruptions are an ongoing challenge. Geopolitical conflicts, inflation, extreme weather events, and threats of recession all contribute to global uncertainty.  To minimize your lead time risk, Johnson Electric has re-tooled the latest generation of its industry-leading Ledex® tubular solenoids to use fewer components sourced from fewer suppliers. Standard models are available with just 24 hours of lead time through distribution partners, or factory-direct in three days.

If you place your order by March 31, 2024, you can lock in your price for 24 months.  To learn more,  visit their product page or let me know a good time to connect.

Ledex tubular solenoids are available in eight standard pull models and five push models. Sizes include 75,100,125, and 150, with strokes up to 1.5″. Legacy versions of sizes 50 and 51 are also available upon request.